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Theory Course

This course contains a lot of information for anyone serious about becoming a hoof care provider or wanting to trim their own horses.
There are many courses available that make you believe that this is a relatively easy task. But if you really want to do every horse justice, you need to have a lot of theory and think through every possible scenario. This course gives you the foundation to trim correctly and do every horse justice.

It is the precursor to the practical training.

Full access to all material will be send by e-mail via a drop box link, but also via a memory stick in the mail together with Prof. Pollit's Anatomy book.

As a bonus, this course contains all the movies on the right. Want to try the movies first? We'll reduce the tuition of this course by $150.00 if you enroll here later.



Hoof Care Movies 

This course was first taught in 2010 under the Equine Soundness school label.

30 one hour movies explain the entire hoof care course, but do not qualify for practical training.

This course is ideal for horse owners wanting to understand more about hoof care. Easy to watch in one hour segments, many with a Q&A session after the presentation. It's like going to a week long seminar without leaving home.

Upon enrollment we will send you a link where you can download these movies.






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